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Presray FB22 Removable Flood Protection Barriers


Presray FB22 Removable Flood Protection Barriers

The heavy-duty but lightweight aluminum panel of the FB22 provides fast and reliable flood protection barriers for virtually any size opening. The flood protection panel slides into permanently installed conversion frames and inflates in minutes to create highly reliable and extremely durable flood barrier. The FB22 is suitable for both new construction and for retrofitting openings of existing structures. In both situations, the sill can be recessed to prevent a tripping hazard.

A reliable watertight seal is achieved on three sides of an opening with dual inflatable seals for redundant protection. For new construction, the frame for the panel can be aesthetically integrated with the doorjambs.

These panels can normally be deployed by one or two people. Larger panels — up to 40 square feet — can be easily deployed with a forklift or similar device. Multiple panels can be linked with removable mullions for opening too wide for a single panel.