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ILC Dover Side-Deployed Flex Wall®


ILC Dover Side-Deployed Flex Wall®

The side deployed Flex-Wall® 2510 has been tested and approved to the ANSI/FM 2510 American National Standard for Flood Abatement Equipment for Openings. The Flex-Wall® 2510 is qualified for a range of Design Flood Elevations, up to 6 feet of water height; across varying width openings, up to 21-feet wide; and all without posts across the span. The system includes a high-strength fabric wall that can be deployed rapidly for flood protection. The patented system is stored in a container at the point of use so that all materials and components are available when needed. Sealing is achieved via clamping to the opening walls and the ground. Connection at

the opposite end of the opening is accomplished by bolting an integral Structural End Bar and a Vertical Clamp Bar to a preinstalled Receiver. All operations are manual in case of power outage and use standard hand tools. The Flex-Wall® is simple to operate and can be easily deployed or stowed by two people within 30 minutes.



  • Point-of-use storage — Deploys at the last moment for minimal operational disruption, resumes operations faster, no lost components
  • Rapid deployment —
  • Deploy at last minute (Site secured in 30 minutes by two people) and retract quickly so can return to business as usual faster

  • High DFE and Wide Opening Protection –
  • 6 foot DFE at 21 foot wide opening with seepage <0.08 gal/hour/ linear foot of perimeter and no center posts

  • Compact stowage — Stores in small spaces
  • Scalable design — Sized to fit multiple vertical openings
  • Robust materials and construction — Withstands debris impacts