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Temporary barriers are intended to provide temporary flood risk reduction. These barriers are generally setup just prior to a flood event and are generally taken down immediately after the flood threat has passed. Setup of these barriers does not require any permanent fixtures to which the barrier is attached. Flood warning times prior to the flood event must be long enough in order for these barriers to be setup and become flood worthy. Temporary barriers are basically of two general types depending upon the method of making the barriers stabile to resist the forces of flood water. These methods are generally water filled or sand filled in order to provide product weight and hence stability and using the weight of the flood water itself on the barrier to anchor the product and provide the needed stability. Depending on the product, they can generally be deployed in a large variety of conditions. These products are usually the flood proofing system.


Tested and Certified Temporary Flood Barrier Products:



  Product Name Description Testing /
Test Report Certification
  Tiger Dam Perimeter Flood Barrier  2-1 Stackable Configuration 19” Diameter &
Single Tube Configuration 19”, 24”, & 36”
Certification Level FM Approvals Certification
  MegaSecur Water-Gate WL  Water Gate Certification Level FM Approvals Certification
  AquaFence Model V1200  Wall Panels Certification Level FM Approvals Certification
  US Flood Control 42 inch
FM Approved Tiger Dam
Reusable Temporary Perimeter Barrier Certification Level FM Approvals Certification
  Your Company’s Product Download the Application Form [.pdf] Certification Level FM Approvals Certification