Participating in the Program


Outlined below is the 5 step process for testing and certification:

Step 1: Application

Application is made to the ASFPM, FM Approvals, or the USACE using the application form [.docx]. A conference call may be initiated among the manufacturer, ASFPM, FM Approvals and USACE to discuss the testing desired as well as clarify any application information.

Step 2: Proposal Issue And Manufacturer Authorization

A proposal will be prepared by the testing entity and appropriate contractual agreements will be put into place. The application fee must be paid to the ASFPM at this time.

Step 3: Testing And First Audit

Once all necessary documents, specifications and information is received, testing is scheduled and conducted. An investigator will also visit the manufacturer’s facility to review quality control procedures prior to product approval.

Step 4: Report And Certification

Once testing has been completed successfully, a report is prepared and reviewed for technical accuracy and quality. The testing entity sends the final report to the manufacturer. Certification is effective as of the date of the report and the manufacturer may then label the product as certified under the National Flood Barrier Testing and Certification Program (NFBTCP) and FM Approved. Products successfully tested and certified shall be listed on the National Flood Barrier Test and Certification Program webpage and in the Approval Guide, an online resource of FM Approvals at

Step 5: Follow-Up Audits

Follow-up audits of manufacturing facilities are required in order to maintain FM Approved status.

Please read the Roles & Procedures Page for more complete program details.